Visual Arts

Isabel Bernat, born 1997, is an abstract artist. She lives and works in Hagen, Germany.

Her artistic approach is based on her spiritual belief, which is rooting in nature itself. The balance between boundaries and boundlessness in the sense of life on earth and beyond is the driving power of Bernat's creations.  

About herself

“My creative journey has started in early childhood, when I began sketching and painting experimentally with various mediums. It has empowered me to see life through different perspectives and expand my creative horizon. Art can be found in any facet of life, but for me personally, it has revealed itself mostly in abstract painting and its unpredictability. However, after high school, I have discovered its role in fashion and textile design, while attending fashion school and gaining first experiences within the industry. My passion for art and fashion, and my interest in spirituality have led me to a conscious understanding of how creativity can enrich life on a daily basis. Nature itself provides most of my artwork´s inspirations, and I am striving to create awareness about its importance, by developing innovative and sustainable solutions“

On a spiritual journey of creating art inspired by nature

Her interest in spirituality has led Isabel to a comprehensive way of viewing life. “Taking different perspectives under consideration when creating art, can open up completely new approaches and possibilities“ Isabel says. 

Another part of this spiritual worldview is appreciating nature as the basis of all live, seeking its protection and conservation. 

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